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1. Obtenemos parte de la evidencia justo antes de entregar el email 

Lo primero que hacemos es obtener la información relevante contenida en la cabecera del email. A continuación, utilizamos criptografía estándar para calcular un hash del email original; si el email incluye adjuntos, también obtenemos hashes adicionales de cada archivo.

Los datos de cabecera y cada hash quedan vinculados a un ID de registro único y registrados para su uso futuro. Este registro está disponible un segundo después de que nos llegue tu email, de forma que puedas consultar su estado en tiempo real desde el panel de usuario o por medio de nuestros web services.

2. Entregamos tu correo como lo haría cualquier proveedor de servicios de email

Cuando entregamos un email en tu nombre, no hacemos nada que no harían otros servidores de correo. Conectamos con el servidor de correo del destinatario resolviendo su dirección MX, entregamos el email mediante una conexión SMTP convencional y registramos el detalle de la transmisión. Esto incluye la confirmación de aceptación proporcionada por el servidor de correo del destinatario. Cuando el email va digirido a dos o más destinatarios, repetimos el mismo proceso para cada uno de ellos.

Para los emails que envías tú: el destinatario lo recibe como un email corriente sin referencia alguna al proceso de certificación. No se requiere ninguna acción por su parte para que el proceso tenga éxito y podamos emitir la evidencia que necesitas.

Para los emails que te envían a ti: el remitente simplemente se limita a enviar su email a la dirección que tu les proporcionas. El hecho de que el email pase a través nuestro no es realmente asunto suyo. Esto lo tratamos contigo.

3. Completamos la evidencia y la ponemos a tu disposición

Emitimos un certificado en formato PDF que contiene la información habitual de cabecera de un email, los nombres y hashes de todos los archivos relacionados, datos clave de su transmisión al servidor de correo de cada destinatario y una versión impresa de las cabeceras y del cuerpo del mensaje.

Para mayor claridad y solidez de la evidencia, incluimos una copia completa del email original en formato EML estándar con sus archivos adjuntos también

Una vez completado, el certificado de evidencia se firma electrónicamente para garantizar su integridad y queda inmediatamente puesto a tu disposición, ya sea mediante un email a tu buzón, accediendo a la consola de usuario de eEvidence o en tus propios sistemas via API.

No credit card required

Limited to 3 emails and only 1 user

The "Registered-by" notice is shown in your emails

We send you the receipt but we won't store it

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#1 Software for Registered Emails

eEvidence's electronic registered delivery service certifies your emails have been sent, delivered, and proves their original content and any files attached. Start communicating safely today!

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When looking for a way to get strong, immutable records of transactional emails, we found eEvidence to be far ahead of any other solution. These people master email and deliver what they promise. This made a huge difference. I recommend it to anyone looking for a first class solution.


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Electronic Registered Delivery Service for secure and court-admissible messaging

While some still communicate without the necessary guarantees through simple emails, and others keep wasting money on certified postal letters, +22.000 users communicate securely and at a fair price with eEvidence. Our registered email technology guarantees that your communications are adequately accredited and have full legal validity.  It is an alternative to a certified postal letter and a safer way to send regular emails. The use of eEvidence prevents you from future disputes and risks, and protects you in case something happens in the future and you are required to bring reliable evidence of communication.

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We have licenses that offer maximum flexibility. Each license is customized to your needs and comes with advanced features, APIs for integration, premium support, 99.99% SLA, etc.

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Send your registered emails easily. Create your account and start registering your emails directly from your regular email account.


Registered emails are delivered in real time and allow you to prove sending, contents, attachments, and effective delivery without depending on recipients' action.


Globally recognized and patented technology with legal validity. Our evidence is admissible in court in the EU, USA and the rest of the world.

1. Send your registered email

Manual method: simply add "" at the end of each recipient's email address. That's it!

Other methods are available for automated use or to send from email marketing platforms, CRMs, or ERPs

The email is always delivered under your name + email address as the sender - which is critical for the evidence receipt

All documents attached are also registered. They are detailed in the evidence receipt with a copy of the original files.

Registering your emails with eEvidence is a child's play! You don't have to install any software or change your email address; it works directly from your email application with the email address you use.

2. Get the delivery receipt

You'll receive your evidence receipts by email, directly in the eEvidence web platform, or you can use our API to send and store them in a software of yours

The receipt of evidence is digitally signed with a qualified electronic signature. Besides allowing anyone to see that it is the original document, it protects the authenticity and immutability of the receipt and its evidence.

eEvidence complies with EU, USA and global laws so that the evidence provided will be accepted in court and will help you irrefutably prove your communications

For each email we register, you receive our electronic evidence receipt that certifies your communication. This document is an audit trail that proves it was sent and delivered, alongside its original content.

3. You're now in good hands

We automatically store your receipts for 5 years in your client account in the eEvidence web platform*

Search for specific receipts, view and download them from any device anytime, anywhere*

Find out if your emails have been opened or read from the eEvidence web platform*

If you ever required to prove a communication you have sent or received from others, there is nothing to fear. Our evidence receipt is all the proof you need, and you may use it as evidence in any court of law with confidence.

*Features available only for customers with paid licenses (Scale or higher)

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EU and US patented system

Send directly from your email app

Certifies files of any format

Safe storage of your receipts

"Registered by eEvidence" notice is optional

Open and read tracking alerts

Register incoming emails too

Web platform with multiple features

Superior deliverability and anti-SPAM

Connectors for email marketing, CRMs, etc.

API and documentation for developers

SPF, DKIM, DMARC protocols

Manage errors and bounced emails

Sealed and protected PDF receipt

Expert and agile support

And much more...

Plans and pricing

Scale (Basic license)


For professionals, companies and individuals who will send registered emails from their usual email provider. All plans have: fixed monthly fee + cost for extra emails. There is no commitment of permanence.


/ monthly

Your plan includes the essential features:

  • Multi-user: <10 users incl. free of charge
  • Invisible mode: register your emails without alerting your recipients
  • Unlimited secure storage of your receipts
  • Email tracking for open/read alerts
  • Register incoming emails and replies
  • Standard monthly report
  • Standard support

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Registered emails incl.

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We offer you standard plans with no commitment of permanence to send registered emails at the best price, or a customized plan with advanced features, integration API, and priority support.


eEvidence is a leading global trusted service provider specialized in certified electronic communication and electronic signatures. For more than 20 years, we have been providing legal certainty to individuals, professionals and companies.




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